12/21/2017pdf94 KB12/21/2017
12/04/2017pdf94 KB12/04/2017
11/28/2017pdf93 KB11/28/2017
11/22/2017pdf104 KB11/22/2017
11/15/2017pdf93 KB11/15/2017
11/07/2017pdf93 KB11/07/2017
James #6
10/24/2017pdf94 KB10/24/2017
10/19/2017pdf93 KB10/19/2017
10/14/2017pdf93 KB10/14/2017
Curriculum Mark #3
10/14/2017pdf93 KB10/14/2017
10/04/2017pdf93 KB10/04/2017
9/27/2017pdf93 KB9/27/2017
James #5
9/14/2017pdf93 KB9/14/2017
Curriculum Mark #6 Study
9/06/2017pdf86 KB9/06/2017
Curriculum Mark #5 Study
7/27/2017pdf91 KB7/27/2017
Curriculum Mark #4 Study
7/27/2017pdf86 KB7/27/2017
Curriculum Mark #3 Study
7/10/2017pdf100 KB7/10/2017
Curriculum Mark #2 Study
7/10/2017pdf99 KB7/10/2017
James #4
6/23/2017pdf89 KB6/23/2017
Curriculum Mark #1 Study
6/10/2017pdf92 KB6/10/2017
Strong And Courageous #5
6/06/2017pdf103 KB6/06/2017
Strong And Courageous #4
5/30/2017pdf99 KB5/30/2017
Strong And Courageous #3
5/17/2017pdf98 KB5/17/2017
James #3
5/15/2017pdf103 KB5/15/2017
James #2
5/15/2017pdf44 KB5/15/2017
Strong And Courageous #2
5/15/2017pdf96 KB5/15/2017
Strong And Courageous #1
5/01/2017pdf83 KB5/01/2017
4/25/2017pdf81 KB4/25/2017
3/08/2017pdf99 KB3/08/2017
Chapter 5
2/08/2017pdf110 KB2/08/2017
Chapter 1(2)
12/15/2016pdf96 KB12/15/2016
Chapter 1
12/15/2016pdf186 KB12/15/2016
Chapter 10
12/15/2016pdf104 KB12/15/2016
Chapter 4
12/15/2016pdf91 KB12/15/2016
Chapter 11
12/15/2016pdf96 KB12/15/2016
Chapter 9
12/15/2016pdf101 KB12/15/2016
Chapter 2
12/15/2016pdf98 KB12/15/2016
Chapter 3
12/15/2016pdf94 KB12/15/2016
Chapter 7
12/15/2016pdf98 KB12/15/2016
Chapter 8
12/15/2016pdf93 KB12/15/2016
Chapter 6
12/15/2016pdf91 KB12/15/2016
Break Forth #1
9/21/2016pdf64 KB9/21/2016
9/16/2016pdf82 KB9/16/2016
Curriculum Mark #12 Study
9/09/2016pdf69 KB9/09/2016
Curriculum Mark #11 Study
9/03/2016pdf58 KB9/03/2016
Curriculum Mark #10 Study
9/03/2016pdf51 KB9/03/2016
Curriculum Mark #9 Study
8/04/2016pdf64 KB8/04/2016
Curriculum Mark #8 Study
6/22/2016pdf112 KB6/22/2016
Curriculum Mark #7 Study
6/14/2016pdf104 KB6/14/2016
Curriculum Mark #6 Study
6/14/2016pdf108 KB6/14/2016
Mark #5 Study
5/27/2016pdf98 KB5/27/2016
5/10/2016pdf90 KB5/10/2016
4/30/2016pdf110 KB4/30/2016
4/19/2016pdf71 KB4/19/2016
4/15/2016pdf68 KB4/15/2016
4/07/2016pdf65 KB4/07/2016
3/31/2016pdf65 KB3/31/2016
1/23/2016pdf88 KB1/23/2016
Mark #4 Study
(show description)
12/18/2015pdf67 KB12/18/2015
Mark #3 Study
(show description)
12/11/2015pdf76 KB12/11/2015
11/27/2015pdf91 KB11/27/2015
Mark #2 Study
(show description)
11/27/2015pdf99 KB11/27/2015
11-08-15 When Life Is Hard 3
(show description)
11/21/2015pdf90 KB11/21/2015
Mark #1 Study
(show description)
11/20/2015pdf98 KB11/20/2015
11-08-15 When Life Is Hard 2
(show description)
11/11/2015pdf98 KB11/11/2015
11-01-15 When Life Is Hard 1
(show description)
11/04/2015pdf92 KB11/04/2015
Nov 2015 Prayer Points
(show description)
10/30/2015pdf76 KB10/30/2015
10-18-2015 Do You See The Good Shepherd
(show description)
10/22/2015pdf91 KB10/22/2015
10/15/2015pdf88 KB10/15/2015
10/10/2015pdf86 KB10/10/2015
10/03/2015pdf79 KB10/03/2015
9/25/2015pdf75 KB9/25/2015
9/22/2015pdf125 KB9/22/2015